Understanding the Fundamental Building Block of the Multiverses: Consciousness-Energy (CEN) 

A new kind of science developed using African Indigenous Knowledge Systems (AIKS)

The Physics of Everything (PoE)

Consciousness Physics is the Physics of the Whole of Existence (WoE), and by applying the Eight Axioms (the Axioms of Everything: AxioE), Cayley-Dickson construction, Lagrange theorem in Group Theory, and Hurwitz's theorem, a new algebra called Temic Algebra was developed to explain this Physics: The Physics of Everything. TEMIC is an acronym for The Emergent Model of Inner-Outer Universe Cosmogeny, one of the key theoretical frameworks of Consciousness Physics.

The Physics of Nothing

Using the Temic approaches, Consciousness Physics is established based on Eight Axioms known as the Temic Universal Laws, and the Base Axiom, Axiom 0, states that Nothing or Consciousness-Energy (CEN) is the absolute vacuum, and Nothing is all that really exists. "Nothing", as used in the context of Consciousness Mechanics, means something that exists but cannot be seen with the naked eye. Nothing simply means CEN.    

CEN Systems and Technologies

Various applications of Consciousness Physics

The Emerging Field of Consciousness Physics

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