• CEN Language: The Language for Everything

    CEN Language is a range of languages, including mathematical functions, equations, new symbols, CEN Programming Language (CEN PL) for scientific computing and developing the TOE, software programs, and others. CEN Language is the Language for Everything. CEN PL is a new programming language developed based on the principles of Consciousness Mechanics, just like Q# is a programming language developed based on the principles of Quantum Mechanics. Further work is ongoing on this application.

  • CEN Computers

    This is a highly sophisticated computer developed based on the principles of Consciousness Physics and Consciousness Mechanics, but for ethical reasons, care is taken to ensure it does not attain a minimum level of complexity and energy, known as consciousness work function, ϕc, required for a computer system to absorb photons of consciousness waves from the Universe, as explained in the Temic Consciousness Absorption Principle earlier, and become a living system. Unlike Quantum Computing that involves encoding quantum information in qubits (quantum bits), cenbits are proposed as the fundamental unit of cen information in Cen Computing. Cenbits encode consciousness-energy information in censtates or cenforms (materials and the likes). Further work is ongoing on this application.

  • Transformator for Teleportation

    When the theoretical ideas proposed in this study are developed further, they can be applied to develop a transformator, a device that turns matter to light (photons), or fermions to bosons, and light to matter, or bosons to fermions. Scientists can get the materials that can be used to build this device on this planet or other planets. The transformator will have a source that turns matter to light (photons), or fermions to bosons. Then, at another location, there will be a receiver to receive the transformed photons and change the light back to matter. A transformator will work with a consciousness sensor. A transformator will be highly useful for space travel at the speed of light or faster (superluminal travel or FTL), i.e., teleportation. It will introduce key advances in space exploration and space science.

  • SETI: Using Consciousness Telescope to Measure the Consciousness Level

    A technology that measures and detects consciousness could be useful in Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) programs. With a consciousness wave observatory, consciousness waves emitted by astrophysical objects such as planets, suns, stars, and lifeforms in any part of the Universe can be detected and measured. This will aid the search for extraterrestrial life as it will allows scientists to detect alien life that might seem invisible to the naked eye because such is hiding in segments of the EM spectrum that the human eyes cannot see and our current devices are not sensitive enough to detect.

  • Planetary Defense: Using Consciousness Sensor to Detect Alien Life on Earth

    In simple terms, a consciousness sensor or detector is a device that detects conwave emissions by a complex system. Such a device can work based on examining how conwaves emitted by a complex system interact with other known waves or use some other mechanisms. A consciousness sensor can serve various uses for humans. It can help detect alien lifeforms that may be on this planet hiding in EM segments, which our eyes cannot see, which our current sensors and instruments are not sensitive enough to detect. While consciousness sensors can make key contribution to various planetary defense programs of NASA and other similar agencies around the world and work with a transformator, the device can also serve other purposes, ranging from health surveillance, enhanced healthcare, advanced (telepathic) communication, and other applications.

  • Communication via Conwaves (Live Meetings/Correspondences)

    Imagine you could communicate with anyone anywhere on the planet or anywhere in the Universe and feel and touch them live during the correspondence. With conwaves, it is possible to hold live meetings or correspondences with others anywhere they are on the planet or in this Universe or in any universe. Such meetings are more detailed and feel real, unlike phone calls and video calls. This is possible because consciousness waves connect all things together across the Universe as a huge entanglement. Thus, Consciousness Physics (conwaves) can bring the whole Universe together, just like Radiophysics (radio waves) connects the whole Earth together. In addition, since consciousness links all the entanglements in the absolute matrix together as a huge matrix, Consciousness Physics can connect one universe to the other. Communication via conwaves works based on the notion that all things in the Universe are connected to one another. On any planet, all heads are connected together as a huge matrix or entanglement by consciousness, and because of this, it is possible for a brain to communicate with another brain via conwaves if they can tune to the same frequency.

  • Photocraft: Faster-Than-Light Travel (FTL)

    A transformator can aid space travel at the speed of light or faster. One of the several applications of the device is for FTL with photocraft, a group of spacecraft that can only transport anything which has been changed to its light form with a transformator. Photoplanes are an example of photocraft which transport matter in light form at the speed of light or faster. Photoplanes are flying lights for teleportation — space-time travel (i.e., space travel and time travel). The spacecraft can be developed by applying the principles of Consciousness Physics explained in these papers and other principles of Physics. They will be used with a transformator that changes photocraft and the matter (such as complex systems) to be transported into their light form and be made to travel faster than the speed of light. Photocraft can serve as a useful tool for probing planets, stars, galaxies, and black holes in our Universe since by travelling at the speed of light or faster, one can study the past of any planet and other astrophysical objects.

  • Treating Brain Disorders via Transfer of Consciousness

    When Consciousness Physics is fully developed based on the TEMIC approaches and others, this understanding can help in treating various brain disorders. With a consciousness detector, consciousness can be transferred from a complex system, such as a human, to another. This is done when a healthy brain is got from a dead person who, while alive, had given consent to donate their brain when they die, and such a brain is used to cure those with maniac disorders, mental health issues, and other brain disorders. This process involves transfer of consciousness via brain transplant as the brain is the organ of consciousness in complex systems like animals, including humans.

  • Brain Modelling Using Conwave-Heart Vibrations to Treat Diseases

    If some humans with rare gifts/talents in various fields such as science, arts, sports, health, and others are willing to donate their brain for research after they die, such exceptional brains can be studied, replicated, and modelled to treat various diseases and solve other challenges we face on this planet. However, ethical concerns have to be taken into account for such application.

  • Killing Germs with the Mind

    As stated earlier, both the inner universe and the outer universe determine our realities as humans, and our outer universes are exact replicas of our inner universes (Tijani, 2023a). Our inner universes or worlds are realms of thoughts, emotions (including love, happiness, fears, anxiety), ideas. Thoughts, emotions (love, happiness, fears, anxiety), ideas each travels as waves distinct in nature and are all forms of conwaves, which are brainwaves emitted by our brains.

  • Studying Emotion Waves from Trees to Communicate with Them

    Generally, plants are complex systems that possess individual consciousness vibrating at specific bandwidths of frequencies unique to them. Emotion waves are one of the forms of their conwaves, and when these waves (signals and responses they emit) are studied, this can enhance our understanding of the inner universes of trees and the various types of emotions they express. With this understanding, we can communicate with trees, among other applications. Studies have demonstrated that plants also think and have feelings (see Schetzer, 2017; Gagliano, 2017).

  • Telepathy: B2B Communication with Reander

    The Temic principle of consciousness entanglement states that all heads on this planet are connected together as a single matrix or entanglement, meaning one head can access the content of another head when both emit conwaves vibrating at the same, or almost the same, frequencies and think along the same line. When this notion is applied to communications, two or more humans can talk to one another using their mind (i.e., the brain) via conwaves ― telepathy or brain-to-brain communication. This can be achieved by building Reanders, devices that can transfer or convey brain thoughts from one person to the other. Reanders are gadgets that can take you from one realm of the mind (i.e., a reand) or realm of consciousness to another, allowing humans to connect their minds together and share brain thoughts and ideas telepathically. Such devices will be of great help to those that are deaf and hard of hearing. Reanders can also help humans explore various realms in inner universes (realms of the mind — reands) where space-time does not exist, allowing them to study the history (the past and future) of our planet and others.

  • Mind-Controlled Games

    The principles of Consciousness Physics can also be applied in developing mind-controlled games, where headsets or headgears are built by applying the Temic approaches to entanglement and other theories.

  • Complex Systems Design (Biosynthesis)

    For an extensive discussion of this subject, see my earlier paper (Tijani, 2023b). The design of complex systems via biosynthesis is one of the applications of Consciousness Physics. As stated in that study, “biosynthesis”, as used in the context of this study, is a process that involves synthesizing complex systems with life (i.e., living organisms) from organic and inorganic matter.

  • EOG Space Station

    This study proposes the development of the Earth Observatory and Gaia Space Station (EOG Space Station), a modular space station, like the International Space Station, to be parked in low Earth orbit for scientific research, planetary defense and surveillance, and other programs. This space habitat will be a mini-planet Earth and contain a host of equipment and instruments; one of these is an all-seeing space telescope (ASST), which is a single observatory that contains a wide range of space telescopes, which can be used to view major frequency ranges, including gamma ray, x-ray, ultraviolet (UV) ray, visible, infrared ray, microwave, radio, consciousness, and other possible frequency ranges for astrometrical studies, astrophysical observations, and related programs. Scientists can use a modular design for the ASST so the observatory can be fitted with a series of space telescopes of different frequency ranges, with the whole unit made to function as a single device.

  • Exotic Applications of Consciousness Physics

    In exotic applications of Consciousness Physics, various technologies are examined, which may look like sci-fi, voodoo, or magic to the average person, but they were actual technologies of the past human eras and will be also developed in the modern era as things (happenings, events, and phenomena) in nature occur in cycles. These exotic applications are based on certain techniques commonly employed in ancient eras of extinct human species, especially in Africa, to establish communications or correspondences with certain elements of nature, such as air, light, fire, water, plants, earth, and many others. It is pertinent to note that the author does not regard science and technology as something new to planet Earth in modern times. The pre-Homo erectus and Homo erectus eras were even much more technologically advanced than the current Homo sapiens era, and there are tons of evidence in support of this assertion. But that is beyond the scope of these papers.

  • IntegratEd

    IntegratEd, a term coined from "integrate" and "education", is a key tool used to develop the Theory of Everything (TOE) in CENProject. In this program, Consciousness Mechanics and IntegratED are vital aspects.