In CENProject, Consciousness Physics is developed as a grand unifying theory that combines all fields of Physics into a single theoretical framework. The fundamental principle of Consciousness Physics is that Consciousness-Energy (CEN) is all that exists, and anything else is a picture or interpretation built for us by the brain.

This picture is the matrix we call reality, but it’s really an illusion as CEN is all that exists.

Consciousness Physics is a field of Physics that involves studying electromagnetic (EM) waves that are around and beyond the radio wave segment of the EM spectrum focusing on consciousness waves possessed by complex systems , i.e., living organisms.

In animals, including humans, these consciousness waves (conwaves) are brain waves as the brain is the organ or seat of consciousness in these complex systems (hosts).

The Conwave Model, which is one of the theoretical frameworks in this project, states that consciousness is a fundamental, intrinsic, and primordial property of the Universe that transmits information (self-awareness, awareness of the surroundings, experience) and energy traveling in waves called consciousness waves or conwaves from the absolute vacuum to any matter that serves as a host to consciousness.

One of the predictions of Consciousness Physics in CENProject is the existence of realms of dark matter, existing on this planet and other parts of the Universe. This prediction has been confirmed with the accidental discovery of ‘dark’ primordial galaxy that has no visible stars as published recently by

Reporting the key discovery,’s Robert Lea states: “Astronomers have accidentally discovered a dark galaxy filled with primordial gas untouched that appears to have no visible stars. 

“The researchers behind the discovery say this galaxy, designated J0613+52, could be “the faintest galaxy found to date.” Interestingly, scientists using the Green Bank Telescope (GBT) discovered the “dark” galaxy through a complete error. “

Another indirect evidence for this emerging field based on the approaches of CENProject is the experimental confirmation by a team of scientists that “the brain is not too cold or wet for consciousness to exist as a quantum wave that connects with the rest of the universe“.

The papers for Consciousness Physics in CENProject are available here.

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