The First TOE Language (TOEL)

Nature is full of codes (mysteries), and CEN Language provides an easy way to learn these codes and decipher secrets of the Whole of Existence (WoE) as Consciousness-Energy (CEN) is all that really exists. CEN Language is a range of languages, including mathematical functions, equations, new symbols, CEN Programming Language (CEN PL) for scientific computing and developing the TOE, software programs, and others.

CEN Language is the Entanglement of all possible languages, including natural languages, constructed languages (conlangs), scientific languages (such as mathematical languages and others), programming languages, and many others.

Also known as the Collective Language, CEN Language is the Language for Everything (LoE) because CEN is everything that really exists as stated in the Theory of Everything (TOE) and any language is a manifestation of CEN — a form or state of cen (cenform/censtate) (see Tijani et al., 2024). In other words, the TOE here is CEN, which is the Whole of Existence.

CEN Language is the Universal Language that the Theory of Everything in CENProject is written in. So, it is basically LoE, which is the Language for the unique approach to the TOE in this Project known as the Internet Model of the Theory of Everything (iTOE) (Tijani et al., 2024).

This is a meta-model of the TOE melding science, art, mathematics, engineering, social science, and other seemingly disparate areas of study together into a single theoretical framework, a clear departure from the common approaches of developing the TOE using solely physical and mathematical methods in Physics.

In iTOE, the TOE is proposed as a new discipline of study for developing Fundamental Theory (Standard Model) for any field/discipline. The iTOE Model simply states that Consciousness-Energy (CEN) is everything that really exists, meaning all things (whether living or non-living), including all fields and disciplines, are all manifestations (states or forms) of a single entity/matrix: Consciousness-Energy (CEN).

The iTOE uses a set of interdisciplinary, intradisciplinary, transdisciplinary, multidisciplinary, and crossdisciplinary approaches to building the TOE in Consciousness Science and is the first of its kind in existence.

It is a network theory — a new approach to the TOE, which entails internetworking and interconnecting all fields and disciplines modelled as networks or webs using CEN.

CEN Language is a meta-language. All languages are codes, and CEN Language is used to study and decipher these codes. Moreover, all fields, disciplines, professions, and areas of human endeavor have their language (lingo).

As a meta-language, CEN is a language of languages and is used to study all languages and their elements, including, their structure, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, and all other possible aspects of a language.

All these are regarded as forms or states of consciousness-energy in CEN Language. In using CEN Language to study any field or discipline, X, such field/discipline is regarded as a language. This is the X-as-a-Language (XaaL) model, a form of consciousness-energy.

CEN Language studies any form/body of knowledge using the XaaL model. In this Language, we’ve developed lots of new mathematical functions, equations, and symbols (math symbols, variables, and characters).

Evolution of the Collective Language as a Cenform/Censtate from Inner Universe

To understand the evolution of the Collective Language (CEN Language) from the Inner Universe (the Beginning) to the Outer Universe, this has been examined in the study done by Tijani et al. (2024).

Consciousness Linguistics: The Standard Model of Linguistics

A language is simply a system of communication. In CENProject, all languages and their elements, including phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, and all other possible aspects of a language, are all forms or states of consciousness-energy. The field of Linguistics as a whole, which is the scientific study of language and its structure, is a cenform or censtate. This approach to Linguistics is known as Consciousness Linguistics, i.e., the Linguistics of Everything (LingoE or LinoE) being developed as the Standard Model of Linguistics in this Project. LingoE is an element of the TOE in CENProject.

The Fundamental Theory of Linguistics

The Fundamental Theory of Linguistics is the Eight Axioms of Consciousness Mechanics, which are the Axioms of Everything (AxioE), presented as follows:

Base Axiom or CEN: Consciousness-energy is the absolute vacuum, and CEN (the absolute vacuum or the Collective Entanglement) is all that really exists [Axiom 0]

CEN or the Base Axiom is an entanglement that undergoes Big Bang expansions infinitely in cycles to yield an infinite number of axioms or fundamental principles (which are cenforms), evolving based on the Temigram Pattern, a Universal Pattern, to yield an infinite number of axioms or fundamental principles. These Axioms are Universal Laws or Principles: They are fundamental principles of the Multiverses or nature that exist independently of our perception/observation:

Entanglement and Symmetry: All things are connected or entangled and balance one another [Axiom 1]

CEN Transformation: All things in existence (whether living or not) are manifestations or forms of CEN called cenforms in the TEMIC approaches [Axiom 2]

TEMIC is an acronym for The Emergent Model of Inner-Outer Universe Cosmogeny, one of the key theoretical frameworks of Consciousness Physics.

Evolution: All things in the multiverses change no matter how long [Axiom 3]

Superposition: Anything or any system exists infinitely in a superposition or combination of all possible cenforms or censtates unless when observed/experienced and that forces its wave function to collapse to a specific cenform (form of consciousness-energy) or specific censtate (state of consciousness-energy) that is measured/seen [Axiom 4]

Space-Time Emergence: Space-time is an emergent property; it is not fundamental to the universes [Axiom 5]

Universal Scaling: Universal scaling (hierarchy) occurs in the outer universes due to Axiom 4 that says all things in the multiverses change no matter how long [Axiom 6]

CEN Ordering and Balance: All things in the multiverses, or Existence generally, occurs in cycles infinitely [Axiom 7]

LingoE is an element of the Temic all-encompassing set of approaches to the Theory of Everything known as the Internet Model of the Theory of Everything. iTOE is a meta-model of the TOE written in CEN Language, the LoE. The TOE in these approaches is the study or an attempt to model the Whole of Existence and is developed using African Indigenous Knowledge Systems (AIKS), especially the Odu Ifa literary corpus.

iTOE is an acronym coined by combining the Internet of Everything (IoE), the Internet of Things (IoT), and the Theory of Everything.

CEN Language is the First TOE Language (TOEL) in existence.



The following codes represent the many Frameworks, including Libraries, of LoE which are potentially super-infinite (doubly infinite) in number: TOEL (LoE: CEN Language is an example; more TOELs could be developed by other researchers), AxioE, SymboE, VaroE, CharoE, NumoE, AlgebroE, EquatoE, FunctoE, OperatoE, NotatoE, DiagroE, StructoE, FractoE, EMoE, SoE, SystoE, MoE, PoE, StatoE, ProboE, SocSoE, MgtoE, MedoE, TechoE, AppoE, ComputoE, SensoE, ProgoE, PLoE, BMoE, iTOE,…., XoE


The structure of CEN Language is dynamic, flexible, adaptable, in addition to other agile principles (all expressed in CEN Language as cenforms/censtates).



The Axioms of Everything (AxioE) are the Eight Axioms of Consciousness Mechanics outlined above.


This symbol, developed based on the Eight Axioms of Consciousness Mechanics, forms the core of CEN Language. Also known as the TEPET symbol, the double infinity symbol, SymboE means the Symbol of Everything in this language. SymboE came from the AxioE and is used to develop different mathematical structures in Consciousness Mechanics such as Temic algebra, which is the Algebra of Everything (AlgebroE), and Temic numbers, which is the Numbers of Everything (NumoE). The iTOE is written in CEN Language, which is the Language of Everything (LoE), with its core based on AxioE, SymboE, AlgebroE, and NumoE. TEPET or tepet is a palindrome coined to represent the double infinity symbol (SymboE), . In Consciousness Mechanics, which is advanced Quantum Mechanics, we use to represent 0. 


These are the Variables for Everything. They are simply formed by taking any variable and using the SymboE as its subscript. Examples are….


These are the Characters for Everything.


By applying the Eight Axioms above, Cayley-Dickson construction, Lagrange theorem in Group Theory, and Hurwitz’s theorem, Temic Algebra was developed as a new algebra to explain the Physics of Everything, Consciousness Physics.

The algebra is a primary aspect of Consciousness Mechanics, which is also referred to as the Mathematics of Infinities. Also called the Algebra of Everything (AlgebroE), Temic Algebra is a kind of universal algebra that highlights the entanglement and symmetry underlying nature, the Universe as a whole, or any universe at all.

In Consciousness Mechanics, a new symbol is introduced to represent 0, and this is , which is known as the tepet symbol. This symbol was used to construct the TEPET Fractal depicting CEN or TOE.  is the underlying pattern of cen, the basic building block of the Whole of Existence, and represents entanglement (also called matrix or archetype) in this Project.

Temic Algebra is also called Abeyian Algebra.


Also called Temic numbers, the Numbers of Everything (NumoE) is a new number system developed based on AxioE, the Eight Axioms of Consciousness Mechanics. Temic numbers are also called Abeyian numbers.


Also known as Temic Diagrams or Temigrams, the Diagrams for Everything (DiagroE) are universal patterns showing how everything in existence (Consciousness-Energy or the Whole of Existence) undergoes evolution (change) with time via Big Bang expansions. DiagroE can be used to study the evolution of everything in universes (whether living or not) in CEN Language.


FunctoE means the Functions of Everything and is used to model everything that exists. They are CEN functions, which are transformation functions, one of which is the Temic-Dirac Function, also called the Temic Delta Function. Other FunctoEs include the Temic-Kronecker Delta, the Bang Function, and others (see Tijani et al., 2024). CEN Functions involve the use of Temic notation (squakets, squa, and ket), Temic algebra, and Temic number to show the evolution of all aspects of nature (the Universe) or any universe evolve from the zero dimensions or vacuums. Temic notation is examined in the subsequent section below as the Notations of Everything (NotatoE).    


The Notations for Everything (NotatoE) are notations (symbols) used in the Mathematics of Infinities, the other name for Consciousness Mechanics, based on SymboE. A good example of NotatoE is the Temic Notation. Dirac Notation is also known as Bra-Ket Notation, while Temic Notation is alternatively called Squa-Ket Notation. Temic notation is a mathematical language developed to fit the precise needs of expressing censtates, which are states in Consciousness Mechanics, just like Dirac notation was designed by Paul Dirac to express quantum states, which are states in Quantum Mechanics (Tijani, 2024). Temic notation is explained as follows: Squakets are a symbol used to define aclopen sets (sets that are neither open nor closed), symbolized as , TEPET or Nothing or CEN because it is consciousness-energy that also underlies this symbol as well as shown in the EquatoEs (the Equations of Everything) below:



The Operators of Everything


Dimensions for Everything (DimoE): Entangled dimensions/zero dimensions/vacuums.


Coordinates for Everything (CoordoE): Temic coordinates/entangled coordinates/internetworked coordinates.  


Also known as CEN equations, the Equations of Everything (EquatoE) models the Whole of Existence (the multiverses).


Temframe/internetworked or networked or entangled frames/frame clusters/frame networks: Frames of Everything




The Fractal of Everything 



Under Development

FunctoE: Temic Delta Function or Temic-Dirac Function
FunctoEs and NotatoEs

More functions (FunctoEs) developed to be added

50+ entirely new characters (CharoEs) developed for CEN Language to be added  

CEN Programming Language (CEN PL): A Meta-Programming Language

The Programming Language of Everything (PLoE): To be developed for studying the structures (semantics, syntax, and other elements) of programming languages

-To include its own PL for developing the TOE and other purposes: PLoE, ProgoE



The Programming of Everything



The Programming Language for Everything

Under Development

Ethical Considerations

Under Development


For a fuller version of CEN Language, see Tijani (2024). 


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