In the research project called CENProject, which I embarked upon in 2018, I have put all my findings and papers written so far in a book titled “The Emerging Field of Consciousness Physics: Consciousness Mechanics”. It is now available on Amazon. (CEN is an acronym for Consciousness-Energy.)

This literature deeply explores consciousness and its connection with many other processes, systems, and phenomena, such as the Big Bang, gravity, evolution, the human brain, life, death, dark matter, dark energy, and several others.

All these are examined under a single subject: Consciousness Physics. The book offers comprehensive knowledge on consciousness and these related areas in a holistic and integrated manner from a scientific (objective) point of view. Specifically, using various mathematical structures, functions, and equations, it answers the following key questions about life succinctly:

By getting this book, you will find concrete, deep answers to these questions and others. Also, purchasing the book allows you to support this research project and be a major contributor toward the development of these new fields of Physics and Mathematics.

Consciousness Physics and Consciousness Mechanics will revolutionize our understanding of the Universe.

Place your order now on Amazon!

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