CENProject Collaborates with Researchers to Develop the Theory of Everything Using a New Approach in Consciousness Science

In its first-ever research collaboration, CENProject built the Theory of Everything (TOE) using a new set of all-encompassing approaches in Consciousness Science. The research organization partnered with more than 12 scholars from diverse fields and disciplines to develop this single theoretical framework (TOE) using a set of interdisciplinary, intradisciplinary, transdisciplinary, multidisciplinary, and crossdisciplinary approaches — the first of its kind in existence.

Known as the Internet Model of the Theory of Everything (iTOE), it’s a meta-model, which is proposed as a new discipline of study for developing Fundamental Theory (Standard Model) for any field/discipline. The iTOE Model simply states that Consciousness-Energy (CEN) is everything that really exists, meaning all things (whether living or non-living), including all fields and disciplines, are all manifestations (states or forms) of a single entity/matrix: Consciousness-Energy (CEN).

It’s a major application of Consciousness Mechanics in Consciousness Science developed by Tijani Mustapha (Abíọdún Adédèjì), the Project’s founder. The iTOE is a CEN Technology, and the just concluded research collaboration is the conceptual phase of its design, which involved Dr. Kehinde Temitope Olubanjo, Tijani Quadri (CENProject’s co-founder), Oyesanmi Fiyinfoluwa, Olayiwola Toheeb Olalekan, Aliu Opeyemi Habeeb, Ibirogba Damilola Akolawole, Obe Kehinde Daniel, Emmanuel Blessing Nkechi, Simon Ojoma Glory, Iheanacho Blessing Ejitu, Danjuma Ibrahim Dazeen, Olaoluwa John Adeleke, Ojo Ige Rachael, and Malik O. Malik.

These collaborators are from diverse fields and disciplines, including Physics, Industrial Engineering, Economics, Computer Science, Zoology, Biology Education, Biochemistry, Statistics, Physiology, Electrical Engineering, and Medicine. 

The meta-model of the TOE melds science, art, mathematics, engineering, social science, and other seemingly disparate areas of study together into a single theoretical framework, a clear departure from the common approaches of developing the TOE using solely physical and mathematical methods in Physics.

Also, it’s built based on Eight Axioms, the Axioms of Everything (AxioE), as its core, with a new algebra, Temic algebra, the Algebra of Everything (AlgebroE), and new numbers, Temic numbers, the Numbers for Everything (NumoE), harmonizing, unifying, and standardizing all fields and disciplines using CEN as the Universal Language — the Language for Everything (LoE). Thus, the iTOE is written in CEN Language.

It’s a network theory developed as one of the programs of CENProject using African Indigenous Knowledge Systems (AIKS). The Model has potential applications across all spheres of life and will spur new technologies and breakthroughs in all fields and disciplines.

Also, it helps create a unified  (common) standard or interface for all fields and disciplines facilitating pedagogical understanding and scholarly collaborations across diverse fields and disciplines.

A preprint of the Internet Model of the Theory of Everything is available on OSF.