About CENProject

The overall aim of the Project in Consciousness Science:

To develop a science for consciousness using African indigenous knowledge systems (AIKS) combined with modern science


The Overall Aim of the Project

Objectives of CENProject:

  1. To build the Theory of Everything (TOE) using AIKS combined with modern science
  2. To develop various applications of Consciousness Science based on CENProject approaches
  3.  To contribute toward the development of science and technology on the African continent
  4. And other objectives


In 2018, I embarked upon the Consciousness Physics Research Project, which is also called CENProject, to unravel various mysteries of nature and enhance the understanding of nature and the Universe as a whole. Over the past five years and using African Indigenous Knowledge Systems combined with modern science, I have made key breakthroughs in this Project, which is in two phases.

In the first phase, which was completed in July 2023, I developed various models to explain the Physics of Consciousness, with a range of interesting applications. I have published my findings in preprints in some papers. While some of the papers have been accepted by the journals they were submitted to, other papers are still under review in a SpringerOpen journal.

In the second phase, which I started in August 2023, I have developed the mathematical basis for Consciousness Physics based on my approaches, and these mathematical frameworks are what I call Consciousness Mechanics. In Consciousness Mechanics, I have developed a mathematical language called Temic notation, which is the equivalent of Dirac notation in Quantum Mechanics.

However, Consciousness Mechanics, along with one of its primary aspects, Temic notation, deals with reality at the deepest level, and so Temic notation generalizes Dirac notation to every possible dimension.

I have published a preprint of some papers on the Mathematics of Consciousness Physics based on my approaches.

However, lack of funding is the major challenge I’ve been grappling with in CENProject mainly because Consciousness Studies is an underfunded subject in schools and research institutes.

I am developing Consciousness Physics as a Unifying Theory that links all fields of Physics together. Also, I’ve built Consciousness Mechanics as the specific mathematical tool to achieve this grand objective and ultimately develop the Theory of Everything.

The fundamental principle of Consciousness Physics based on my approaches is that consciousness-energy (CEN) is the basic building block of all things in nature (whether living or not).

A key aspect of this Project involves building a periodic table of living organisms on this planet based on their level of consciousness, the waves they radiate, and other key factors essential to life. This system is called the Periodic Table of Lifeforms on Earth (PTL). It is a vital requirement to power the next generation of technologies — CEN technologies — which will be built based on the principles of Consciousness Physics and Consciousness Mechanics.  

Consciousness Physics and Consciousness Mechanics will revolutionize our understanding of the Universe. You can be a major contributor toward the development of these new fields of Physics and Mathematics.  

About CENProject Founders

The founder of CENProject is Tijani Mustapha (Abíọdún Adédèjì), a graduate of Physics from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, who engages in research science in the Physics line and is doing studies in Physics at the postgraduate level.  


A new kind of science developed using African Indigenous Knowledge Systems (AIKS) combined with modern science