• What is the origin of life on Earth?
  • What is the real nature of consciousness, life, and death from an objective point of view?
  • Do aliens exist?
  • Is time travel real? How can you do it?
  • Can computers ever exhibit consciousness?
  • Is there any link between science and spirituality?
  • Is reincarnation real; if so, what are the physics and mathematics underlying it?
  • Are heaven and hell real; if so, what are the physics and mathematics underlying these realms?
  • What is the relationship between consciousness, the brain, gravity, the Big Bang, reincarnation, dark matter, and dark energy? 
  • What/who is the origin of all things from a scientific point of view? Is it God?
  • What is the ultimate nature of reality?
  • What is the Theory of Everything?  
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In 2018, I embarked upon the Consciousness Physics Research Project (CPRP), also called CENProject, to unravel these mysteries and enhance our understanding of nature and the Universe as a whole. The most important discovery I have made so far in this Project is that consciousness-energy (CEN) is the fundamental building block of the universes, and this is the basic principle of the emerging field of Consciousness Physics. Consciousness Physics is a field of Theoretical Physics that involves studying electromagnetic (EM) waves that are around and beyond the radio wave segment of the EM spectrum focusing on consciousness waves possessed by complex systems, i.e., living organisms.


In animals, including humans, these consciousness waves (conwaves) are brain waves as the brain is the organ or seat of consciousness in these complex systems (hosts). The Conwave Model, which is part of the author’s larger “The Emergent Model of Inner-Outer Universe Cosmogeny (TEMIC)” framework, states that consciousness is a fundamental, intrinsic, and primordial property of the Universe that transmits information (self-awareness, awareness of the surroundings, experience) and energy traveling in waves called consciousness waves or conwaves from the absolute vacuum to any matter that serves as a host to consciousness. In various papers, Consciousness Physics is developed based on the TEMIC approaches, linking all the fields of Physics together as a Unified Theory.

The fundamental principle of Consciousness Physics is that Nothing (the absolute vacuum or consciousness-energy, CEN) is all that exists, and all things in existence (whether living or not) are manifestations of consciousness-energy or Nothing. Therefore, the alternative names for Consciousness Physics include the Physics of Nothing, the Physics of all things in existence, the Physics of the absolute vacuum, and the Physics of Infinities, since all things in existence are infinite.

These terms will be used interchangeably in CENProject to mean the same field. Various papers have been written by the author and CENProject founder so far to explain the above-mentioned questions and others.

Also, while Quantum Physics says a particle exists in multiple places at once prior to measurement, Consciousness Physics states you exist everywhere and nowhere all at once because space-time is an emergent property, and it is not fundamental to the universes.

This is a generalization of the superposition principle of Quantum Physics; hence, Consciousness Physics is advanced Quantum Physics.