The Emerging Field of Consciousness Physics

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Book of Consciousness Physics and Consciousness Mechanics.


This book explores consciousness from an objective (scientific) point of view, using physical and mathematical approaches. It provides deep answers to the most fundamental and penetrating questions about nature and our Universe. The book offers new Physics and Mathematics providing an objective understanding of topics such as consciousness, the human brain, the origin of life on this planet, evolution, the Big Bang, gravity, dark matter, dark energy, the source/origin of all things (God), Quantum Gravity, the Theory of Everything, life, death, and many other topics, such as the soul, spirit, reincarnation, heaven, hell, and others, all of which are explored under a single theoretical framework: Consciousness Physics. The book is a collection of the papers and findings made by the author on consciousness and these related topics in the research project called CENProject, which was started in 2018 and is still ongoing. In this literature, Consciousness Physics is defined as an emerging field of Theoretical Physics that involves studying electromagnetic (EM) waves, which have frequencies lying around and beyond the radio wave segment of the EM spectrum with a focus on consciousness waves (conwaves) possessed by complex systems (living organisms). In animals, including human beings, these conwaves are brain waves because the brain is the seat or organ of consciousness in these complex systems (i.e., hosts).